Monday, September 26, 2011

Aria by Richard Rodriguez

As I read this article it got me to think. What if someone had told me that I wasn’t able to speak Spanish anymore and that English had to be my only language.  I feel like that would take something that makes me unique away. To me being a Hispanic and being able to speak more then one language gives me an advantage over other people. Being able to talk to people in Spanish gives me a great joy. Knowing that other people know what I am saying. When Rodriguez speaks about how his family pretty much changes just because someone told him that they were not allowed to speak Spanish at home as if by him speaking to his parents in a language that they understand would change anything between them. Even though I know that learning another language is hard being an individual.
Rodriguez was talking about how people around him were speaking Spanish and to him it was a foreign language. I would not want to know how it feels. So I work in retail and I have a lot of customers that come in that don’t know how to speak English.  When they speak to me in English and I know that they are struggling I feel the need to have to speak to them in Spanish. Like by me speaking to them in there native tongue makes theme feel better. And I know that I just gave someone really good customer service. I am not saying that they don’t have to learn English because they do. If you move to another country I feel as though a person should adapt to the way the people live there.