Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talking Point 6

            In the article Separate but Unequal they discuss the problems that minorities face in school. They talk about how if the school system with more of the minority populations were better equipped students would be more likely to succeed in school.  All of these schools are located in communities that are very populated and are also where there is a high rate of poverty. In this article they stated that by bringing students that are in these such schools to another school that a mixture of middle class students they will progress better.  Part of me doesn’t really feel like this is true because I grew up in a school that wasn’t in the best neighborhood but I turned out great. Most of my friends have been in the same situation. I feel like it depend one a child’s parents and what there parents want for them not on the school system only. The website Brown vs. Board of Education shows all the very important events that happened in our country during the time when we tried to end segregation.  While I was listening to Time Wise I agree with everything that he said that racism is still very permanent in our country and even though a lot of people think that racism doesn’t exist anymore. He also said that people feel that Obama is a different type of black person. Tim Wise said that no one can be like Obama but no one should actually be like Obama that all black people are all different. I like how Tim Wise said that all black people have the ability to become great but they don’t have to be like Obama they should be able to represent themselves as they want. I like how Tim Wise talks about everyone’s point not just his own

Monday, October 17, 2011

Extened Comment to what Elyssa had written

I agree with what Elyssa had written i feel that high school student rather any student should be motivated to do Community service not forced.When a child let alone anyone being forced to do something seems more like a task then a nice gesture. Then the child wouldn't want to do the community service they go into as this is going to be horrible and im just going to get it done and be able to go home and do something else. They wouldn't leave the experience with a joy in there heart that they did something good for someone else.