Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post 10

 Shor says that students should be able to connect what they are learning to their own lives. Not to just learn the facts but really understand in depth what there are being taught.Shor says that teachers need to kick there habit and try new methods to teaching there students. When students are only being talked to and not actually taught anything they do get bored. I'm not saying that the teachers aren't being taught. But when students are only being spoken to for lets say a 45min class they only listen to what the teacher is saying the dont actually retain any information. I know this from personal experience. I feel as though i learn better when i am interactive with what i am learning then just listening to a lecture. This is why i feel our FNED class is such a success we are able to interact with each other and learn from each other then only having the teacher stand in front on the class and talk for 2 hours. In most schools students usually just memorize what they need to for there exams and them after it is over they forget it. If teachers taught class more open in the sense that they have different ways of teaching a lesson everyday i think that this will help students learn more and retain more information. i wish all my class were this good i think i would learn and do much better in my courses if they were.


  1. I agree that interactive lessons are the way to go. When I'm in lectures I tend to stop listening and then its hard to get back on track. In FNED its hard to stop listening because you are so involved

  2. I agree with Shannon, in my Poli Sci class it's just a lecture and I can't help but "tune out". Interactive lessons keep the students involved and motivated

  3. yeah, thinking is important.